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Knurling Steel

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Pizza Oven

Cutting cutter. <0.38kg. Decoration tip set. Auto control baking oven set. Product category: Super easy to clean: Pasta box. Approx. 21mm / 0.8". Nylon temperature in degrees: Nozzles material: Zencoo. Feature 7: Kitchen training. Use for : 


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Don’t take salah as a burden or something you feel like you are forced to do. Instead wake up every morning, knowing that you have someone to talk to, someone who you can share your feelings with. And you are lucky to be talking to him.How lucky are we. SubhanAllah.

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إِنَّ اللَّهَ يُحِبُّ الْمُتَوَكِّلِينَ

Indeed, Allah loves those who rely [upon Him]

— [Qura'n Surah Aal-e-Imran 3:159]


“Speak the Truth.” [al-Qur’an,3:17]
“Speak straight.” [al-Qur’an,33:70]
“Speak justice.” [al-Qur’an,6:152]
“Speak kindly.” [al-Qur’an,2:83]
“Speak politely.” [al-Qur’an,17:53]
“Speak fairly.” [al-Qur’an,17:28]
“Speak gently.” [al-Qur’an,20:44]
“Speak graciously.” [al-Qur’an,17:23]
“Speak not in vain.” [al-Qur’an,23:3]
“Speak no lie.” [al-Qur’an,22:30]

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I humbly ask you all to make dua for me in these blessed nights that we have, that if the upcoming events are kheir for me that Allah makes it easy and successful, and if it isn’t that it is turned away. May Allah reward you all & answer all of your prayers, Ameen.


Does anyone else love bad weather? Like the kind that’s loud and dark and draws attention to its self like pounding rain drops and thunder and lightning that seems just so close. And you can sit near a window and it’s dark outside and maybe you’ve got a candle lit or a lamp and it’s so warm inside and you’re wearing you’re favourite sweater and watching a good show or reading a good book and it’s beautiful outside the rain and the clouds and the sound of it all and you’re just so content and cosy and happy




Bize Allah yeter..


“Do you know what hell is actually? Hell has no wood or branches. Everybody brings their own fire.”

— Hayme Ana

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May Allah ease the loneliness you feel - make the Quran your best friend, and Allah. You cannot have better companionship than that.


Ameen,JazakAllah khair